Compare MantisX Models - X2, X3, X10

What's the difference between the most technologically advanced shooting performance systems? See the comparison chart below. If you're new to Mantis, learn how our systems work.

Built for dry fire use only, the X2 provides real-time, shot-by-shot feedback for both pistol and rifle users. Track your sessions for historical, data-driven insights, and monitor your progress. An excellent option for those looking for productive training from the comfort of home.

The X3 adds live fire functionality, with the same engaging practice modes, same coaching, and same historical tracking data, allowing you to delve into and compare performance improvements between dry and live fire sessions.

X10 Elite
Combining every Mantis X model, the X10 Elite is built to increase your performance with pistols, shotguns, rifles, and even bows. Further additions to analysis features cater to competitive and combat shooters alike.

X2 X3 X10 Elite
New! For beginner to advanced handgun and rifle shooters (dry fire only)
NEW! For beginner to advanced handgun and rifle shooters
NEW! For beginner to combat elite handgun, rifle, and shotgun shooters
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Platform Support
Dry Fire 
Live Fire
Handgun analysis
Rifle analysis
Shotgun analysis
Archery analysis*
App Features
Training modes/drills
Coaching tips
Historical Tracking
Groups and Messaging
Analysis Features
Muzzle trace
Trigger control analysis
Shot timer
Smoothness analytics
Consistency comparisons
Recoil analysis
Holster draw analysis
Multi-target analysis **
Shooting on the move **
Rapid fire **
Moving targets (shotgun) **
Free Software Updates
Free Phone/Email Support
Sensor Features
Lever Quick Disconnect
Lever Quick Disconnect Lever Quick Disconnect
Weight (grams) 14 14 14
Battery Life (hours) 20 20 20
Available Now
Price $99 $169 $249
Includes BR7 adapter
Includes Universal Magrail


* Available as a separate, free app (MantisX Archery)

** Available in the future as a free app update to the existing app