Recoil Analysis with Mantis

Finally: the ability to quantify recoil (and recoil management) on a gun, with the all new Mantis X10 Elite.

We have the nerdiest (i.e. best) engineering team in the business, and with the combination of hardware expertise and mind-numbing software algorithms, we've created the first recoil analysis system.  Mantis X10 Elite is the first device to accurately and reliably give you data on not just your gun's recoil, but your response to that recoil.

Recoil analysis is available by connecting your MantisX app to a Mantis X10 sensor, then launching the "RecoilMeter" drill.  This drill session will allow you to shoot any number of shots, giving you detailed analysis about each shot, and summary data, in a single analysis screen.

Mantis measures and calculates four key components of recoil:

  • Muzzle rise: the peak angular rise of the gun after the shot
  • Recovery time: time for the gun to return and stabilize to the original point of aim
  • Recoil angle: the angle to the left or right that the gun moved as it recoiled upward
  • Recoil width: the width of the loop formed by the upward and downward movement of the gun

Clicking on each measure will show summary data for that session: the session average, and a chart showing detailed comparison for all shots for that measure.


Recoil analysis will continue to evolve forward, so stayed tuned for new updates! 

Here are a few video reviews highlighting the power of quantifying recoil. 

How to adjust your grip to maximize control:

 Comparing recoil impulse between calibers:


How accessories impact recoil control:

This powerful capability, and more, is available with the Mantis X10.