Holster Draw Analysis

We are excited to bring Holster Draw Analysis to the Mantis X10 Elite!  Mantis X10 is the first device to accurately and reliably give you access to unprecedented data to help you improve your holster draw capabilities.

Holster draw analysis is available by connecting your MantisX app to a Mantis X10 sensor, then launching the "Holster Draw Analysis" drill.  This drill will allow you to perform any number of holster draws in a session, giving you detailed analysis about each draw, in two diagnostic screens.

In the first screen, MantisX breaks down your holster draw into FIVE key phases, to identify inconsistent or slow phases:

  • Grip: time from the start beep to when your hand grips the gun
  • Pull: how long it takes you to pull the firearm out of the holster
  • Horizontal: time from the pull to when the gun is drawn and rotated to horizontal alignment
  • Target: how long it takes you to get on target after getting the gun horizontally
  • Shot: time from being on-target to when the shot breaks

In the second screen, MantisX displays overlaid traces of all the holster draws in that session. This is valuable in assessing the path of the draw, the consistency of the draws across your session, and highlighting any variance or wobble in your draw.


 Mantis x10 holster draw muzzle trace

With unprecedented details, this analysis allows you to identify and isolate areas of deficiency to optimize your holster draw more effectively.