Shotgun Performance Analysis with Mantis X


Mantis X Shotgun improves your accuracy, consistency, and performance by tracking shotgun movement, aggregating data from multiple shots and sessions, and identifying patterns and anomalies in your technique.

Mantis X Shotgun is valuable to all sporting shooters, with a focused emphasis on skeet and trap competition shooters.

Mantis X7 or X10 Elite smart sensor mounts on the barrel of any shotgun with a rail or adapter, and connects to the Mantis X Shotgun app on your phone or tablet. Data is streamed and collected real-time from the smart sensor, and analyzed and visualized by the MantisX Shotgun app.

The Mantis X app consists of three main components: individual shot analysis, historical progress, and score keeping.

The shot analysis screens focus on three dimensions: individual shot trace, aggregate shot analysis, and shot scoring. The individual shot trace shows the path and velocity of the gun during the shot.  Warning markers will appear along the trace and velocity charts where pushing, jerking, noodling, flinching, and other issues are identified.  The aggregate shot analysis overlays all shots from a session together to help identify patterns and consistency issues.  The shot scoring captures hit and miss performance to help correlate with issues identified, as misses are highlighted in the aggregate view.

As each shot is taken, hits and misses can be recorded.  This data is then displayed for overall shooting performance, highlighted in the aggregate trace comparisons, and grouped together for station statistics.

The Mantis X Shotgun app saves all your session and shot history for review, comparison, and tracking progress over time.