Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between the MantisX Shooting Performance System, Laser Academy, and Blackbeard?

A: MantisX is a motion-based shooting system that analyzes movement during the firing process. Based on this movement, the system is able to give you feedback on likely errors in your technique and what you might be doing to cause those errors. Think of it as a diagnostic tool, like a study guide, that you continue to use to improve until it is time for the test.

Laser Academy gives you point of impact data while dry-fire training with your firearm. It will give you hit locations, the time between shots, and scores depending on the target used. Laser Academy is the test. Obtain sight picture, press the trigger, and if you are getting great scores, you know all the work you put into the study guide paid off. If not, get back to the study guide.

Blackbeard's base function is to reset the trigger in AR-15 rifles without breaking your form to rack the charging handle while practicing in a dry fire scenario. The laser-enabled variants allow use with various laser-based training systems, including Mantis Laser Academy.

Q: Will your product automatically reset the trigger on my firearm?

A: Yes, for Blackbeard. Otherwise, MantisX and Laser Academy will not automatically reset the trigger on firearms that are not double action. As such, manually resetting the trigger for each shot will be required.

Q: Are your products Made in the USA?

A: Mantis products are proudly made in the United States of America. We do all the assembly, programming, testing, and shipping out of our offices in Illinois.

Q: Are your products covered by a warranty?
A: Yes. With the exception of Laser Academy, Mantis products are covered by a two year limited warranty. Laser Academy is covered by a one year limited warranty. Pink Rhino products are covered by a one year limited warranty. If the product fails during normal use within the warranty time frame, we will repair or replace your device.

Q: Are your products available in pink?
A: No.

Q: When do your products go on sale?

A: No, our prices remain consistent throughout the year, ensuring that our customers consistently benefit from competitive pricing without fluctuations. This steadfast approach is upheld to support our global network of authorized dealers.

Q: How do I sign up as a dealer?
A: Send us an email or sign up and we'll provide you with dealer information.

Q: Is it safe to dry fire with my firearm? Will dry fire break my firearm?
A: Please consult the owner's manual for your firearm. If the owner's manual does not specify, we recommend contacting the manufacturer of your firearm. In cases where the firearm may be damaged or unsafe as a result of dry fire, using dummy rounds is usually a safe solution. Please contact to purchase dummy rounds.

Q: How do I delete my MantisX training account?

A: To delete your account and data, contact the support team at For Laser Academy, you may also delete your account and data in the app by going to Settings => Delete Account.

Q: Do you have a knowledge center?
A: Yes, in our in our knowledge center you can find information about how to get the most out of our products, app updates, and general firearms training information.


MantisX Shooting Performance System

Q: Can I use my X2, X3, X7, X8, or X10 on more than one platform?

A: Yes. The quick attachment system makes it easy to move the sensor from one platform to the next.

Q: Will your MantisX Shooting Performance systems help me as a beginning shooter?
A: Yes! Built in coaching tips and instant visual feedback will help you master your trigger control.

Q: Will the MantisX Shooting Performance help me as an advanced shooter?
A: Absolutely. MantisX will help you hone in your trigger control so it's perfect every time, allowing you to improve your speed and transitions. Competition shooters love the MantisX.

Q: Is the MantisX Instruction Guide available online?

A: Yes - view the instructions here. The full Instruction Guide is also located in the app, under Settings, Instruction Guide

Q: What if my gun doesn’t have a rail?

A: We think that's a perfect excuse to get another gun. If your budget doesn't allow for that, buy a rail adapter for your gun.

Q: How long is the battery life on the MantisX Shooting Performance System (X2, X3, X7, X8, and X10 Elite)?

A: 8+ hours on a full charge. If you can shoot that much at once, you deserve a medal.

Q: Is my Mantis X supposed to have different colored LED's? The instruction guide says I should have three lights.
A: The original Mantis X had three lights. Gen 2 models (X2, X3, X7, X8, and X10 Elite) have one light and this light is turned off when the battery reaches a full charge.

Q: How do I know if the X3, X7, or X10 is fully charged?

A: The power light will turn off when your device is fully charged.

Q: Will MantisX fit in my holster?

A: The original MantisX (without the quick detach screw) has been confirmed to fit well in holsters made to accommodate the Streamlight TLR-1/TLR-1 HL weapon mounted lights. Holsters designed for similar sized lights may also work well. Holsters designed to accommodate the Surefire XC1 or Olight PL Mini II have been confirmed to work well for the X2, X3 and X10 Elite. We also offer custom holsters.

Q: Will this really help me improve?

A: 94% of shooters improve within 20 minutes of using MantisX.

Q: What devices are compatible with the MantisX app?

A: The MantisX app is available in the Apple App store, the Google Play store, and the Amazon Store. It will work on most modern tablets and smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, etc.) that support Bluetooth 4.1+ (with Bluetooth Low Energy support). Also, the operating system version must meet a minimum version requirement (currently 11.0+ for iOS and 5.0+ for Android, this is subject to change.)

If you're looking for an inexpensive tablet that works great with the MantisX, we sell the Kindle Fire on our store.

Q: Does MantisX work on a laptop?
A: No. Most laptops do not support the required Bluetooth Low Energy connection that the MantisX relies upon. You can, however, access all of your training data, new charts and graphs, and download your data, by going to and logging in. (Or click here)

Q: Why do I have to enable location services?
A: If you are using an Android device, the MantisX app will ask for Bluetooth and Location Services permissions. This is because it is possible for apps to determine your location using Bluetooth. We don't actually need to know where you are and don't track your location - It's Android's way of making sure you know that we could.

Q: Why does my Mantis sensor fall off during live fire?
A: The slot lock is likely not properly engaged in the the accessory rail slot. This lock (or plunger) is not just for tension, it is also to keep the MantisX from sliding off the rail. If your MantisX ever falls off, it is not properly installed.

Q: Will you ever be able to connect multiple MantisX units to one phone?
A: Probably not - Bluetooth uses a one-to-one connection, which means one MantisX to one phone. Unless future Bluetooth technology changes that, you'll need one phone for each MantisX you want to be using.

Q: What batteries does the MantisX take?
A: The MantisX has a rechargeable battery that is not user serviceable. It is charged by a micro USB cable and lasts 8 to 10 hours on a charge. 

Q: What calibers does MantisX work with?
A: MantisX works on any caliber of firearm, including harsh recoiling firearms. It's very tough - and if it fails during normal use, we'll repair or replace it for you within the two year warranty period. See our torture testing here.

Q: How can I add notes to a session?
A: Tap on the note icon in the lower right hand corner on any of the diagnostic screens.

Q: Does MantisX work on both pistols and rifles?
A: Yes - MantisX has settings for being used with either a pistol or a rifle.

Q: Does MantisX support live fire and dry fire?
: The X3, and X10 support both life and dry fire. The X2 is dry fire only. Read more about dry fire detection.

Q: Can I use the same sensor with multiple smartphones/tablets?
A: Yes! You can use the same MantisX with any gun or phone you own (though the sensor can only connect to one smart device at a time). You can also share your MantisX with your friends, although they might not give it back.

Q: I don't like to rack the slide/charge the bolt between shots during dry fire practice.
A: We have a solution for the AR-15, with more to come. Contact us for other options.

Q: Does the MantisX app work on Android and iOS and Kindle Fire?
A: Yes. Play Store, Apple Store, Amazon Store.

Q: Does the MantisX app work on both tablets and smartphones?
A: Yes

Q: How does the MantisX stack up against other dry fire training systems?
A: We’ve created a dry fire system comparison page that lays out what you get from some of the top systems on the market to help you make an informed purchase.

Q: Do I need Smart targets to use the MantisX Shooting Performance system?
A: No. While you can use Smart Targets, these targets are designed for our Laser Academy system. The "smart" aspect of these targets is not integrated with the Shooting Performance System app.

Q: Is the MantisX Shooting Performance System compatible with SIRT pistols?
A: Yes, MantisX gen 2 (X2, X3, X10) is compatible with SIRT pistols. Be sure to enable the "SIRT / DFM" firing mode under SETTINGS > Shot Detection Mode > More > SIRT / DFM. The original MantisX was not designed with SIRT pistols in mind, but it will work in most cases by enabling High Sensitivity mode.

Q: Is the MantisX Shooting Performance System compatible with DryFireMag trigger reset magazines?
A: Yes, MantisX gen 2 (X2, X3, X10) is compatible with DryFireMag (DFM) magazines. Be sure to enable the "SIRT / DFM" firing mode under SETTINGS > Shot Detection Mode > More > SIRT / DFM. The original MantisX was not designed with SIRT pistols in mind, but it will work in most cases by enabling High Sensitivity mode.

Q: What do the red rings in the trace view mean?
A: Each red circle of the simulated target represents a certain degree of movement away from the point of impact for a shot. By locating the white X and identifying the nearest ring, you can estimate the degree of movement that occurred to cause the point of impact to deviate from the point of aim. The center ring of the simulated target in the Trace View represents 1/16th degree (3.75 MOA) of deviation. Each ring after the first represents 1/8th degree (7.5 MOA) of deviation.

What this movement means on target will depend on the distance between the firearm and the target. These linked charts (20 yard | 100 yard) provide a reference that can be used to estimate the possible outcome of the shot for a given distance between the shooter/firearm and the target.

Blackbeard Trigger Reset System

Q: What is sight height over bore and what is holdover?
A:Sight height over borerefers to the physical offset between the bore of the firearm and the aimingmechanism (iron sights, reticle in an optic, etc.). This offset will causethe bullet impact to be lower vs. the point of aim when shooting at closeranges. As an example, at 5 yards, using an AR-15 with traditionallyconfigured iron sights, M193 ammo, and a 100 yard zero, the point of impactis expected to be approximately 2.46 inches lower than the point of aim. Holdover refers to the degree to which a shooter must aim higher than their intendedpoint of impact in order to achieve that point of impact at closedistances.


Q: The laser adjustment screws won't allow me to move the laser to match my sights/reticle, how can I fix this?

A: Sight height over bore for most firearms will result in the point of impact being lower thanthe point of aim at shorter ranges. At very close distances, this differencecan be significant. Getting the laser dot to match the sights is likelyphysically impossible because the laser movement is restricted by the boreof the rifle. Even if it were physically possible, setting the laser Pointof Impact (POI) to match the Point of Aim (POA) at close ranges is not goingto replicate the relationship between POA and POI that you will experiencewith live ammo. Because of this, we do not view this physical limitation tobe a negative. - That being said, if you have a reason for matching POA andPOI, you can simulate this setup by using ourLaser Academy systemvia modifications to the SHOOT TO CALIBRATE feature.

Q: What is this beautiful device (aka Blackbeard)?

A: Blackbeard resets the trigger of your firearm (currently supporting mostAR-15 and Sig MCX rifles,) so you can train without using all of your ammo,and without manually resetting the trigger after each shot.

Q: Which configuration/laser is best for my needs?
A: Get the non-laserversion if you do not plan to use a laser enabled training system.

Get the red laser version if you want a visual signature and/or youplan to train with a laser based training system (such as Laser Academy).

Get the green laser version for increased visible distance over the redlaser variant. In equal lighting conditions, you can see the green laser atfurther distances than the red laser. This version is also compatible withLaser Academy.

Get the IR laser version if you are using an IR-based training systemor if you are using night vision.

Q: How do I adjust the laser?
A: There are two screws located on the sideof the Blackbeard housing. These are accessible through the ejection port whenBlackbeard is installed in the rifle.See this guide.

Q: Can I turn off the laser?
A: There is no "off" mode forthe laser. However, a tactical barrel plug (tissue paper) can be used to blockthe laser if desired. Be sure to remove any barrel obstructions when you'redone training to avoid catastrophic failure and possible injury during livefire.

Q: Why can't I see the IR laser?
A: Infrared (IR) lightis not visible to the unaided eye.

Q: Can I change the laser colorlater?
A: No. The laser components are not modular.

Q: Do thelaser-enabled variants of Blackbeard work with Laser Academy?
A: The Redand Green laser variants are compatible with Laser Academy. The IR variant isnot compatible.

Q: Is Blackbeard compatible with my rifle?
A:For Blackbeard AR-15, if the receiver accepts standard AR-15 Bolt CarrierGroups, triggers, and magazines, then Blackbeard is very likely to becompatible. We have run into a few cases where unusual trigger hammer profilesare incompatible, but this is uncommon. The system does not interface with thechamber. As such, non-223/5.56 chambers should work without issue.

For Blackbeard MCX firearms, if the firearm is a Sig MCX using OEM parts, thenBlackbeard is expected to be compatible. Blackbeard may work with non-OEMparts, but Blackbeard MCX product testing was conducted with MCX firearmsusing OEM parts. 

Q: Is Blackbeard compatible with firearms built using an 80% lower?

A: Due to potential deviation from specifications that may result from looseor inaccurate jigs and other variables during the completion of an 80% kit, wecannot guarantee compatibility. If an 80% lower receiver is finished correctlyin spec, then Blackbeard should be compatible with that lower.

Q:Is Blackbeard available for PCC?
A: If your PCC receiver accepts standardAR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups, triggers, and magazines, then Blackbeard AR-15 isvery likely to be compatible. Otherwise, a PCC version of Blackbeard is notavailable at the present time.

Q: Is there a Blackbeard for pistols?
A: Not at the presenttime.

Q: Does Blackbeard connect to theMantisX app?
A: Yes and no.Blackbeard originalwill only reset the trigger and emit a laser shot for laser-enabled models.The new (as of Oct 2022)BlackbeardXwill connect to the Mantis Pistol/Rifle app and provide shot feedback data.Alternatively, a Mantis X2, X3, or X10 can be used in conjunction with theoriginal Blackbeard to collect data in the Pistol/Rifle app.

Q: Do I need Smart Targets to use Blackbeard?
A: No. Smart Targets are primarily intended for use with Mantis Laser Academy.

Q: Do I have to useMantisX touse Blackbeard?
A: No. Using MantisX in conjunction with Blackbeard isencouraged but not required.

Q: What is the max distance Blackbeardcan be used at?
A: This depends on the users eyes (or the laser targetingsystem being used), the surface being shot, and the ambient light. Thebrighter the ambient light, the shorter the max distance the laser is visibleat.

Q: Why can't I have it in the EU?
A: Due to regulatoryrequirements, we are unable to ship laser-enabled products to any country inthe European Union (EU). The standard (non-laser) Blackbeard is available toship to the EU.

Q: When can I purchase spare Blackbeard orBlackbeardX magazine packs so I can train for reloads?
A: Yes. Both areavailable on our website now. See theBlackbeard Magazine Powerbankpage for both variants.

Q: On the Blackbeard Bolt Carrier Group, isthe housing separation along the 6 o'clock side normal?
A: Yes.

Q:Does the Blackbeard kit include access to Laser Academy Pro features?

A: No. A Laser Academy full access code was included with some pre-orders forthe Blackbeard, but that promotion has been discontinued as of January 2021.

Q: Is the non-laser variant of Blackbeard compatible with Pink Rhino LaserCartridges?

A: No. There is no firing pin (or similar) mechanism in place which isrequired to activate the button on the Pink Rhino Laser Cartridge.

Q: Can I use the Mantis Blackbeard AR-15 in an AR-15 firearm equipped with theLaw Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter?
A: Yes. Remove the BCG and LawTactical Bolt Carrier Extension. Then install Blackbeard AR-15

Laser Academy Training System

Q: Do you have a guide for setting up and using Laser Academy?
A: Yes! See our Laser Academy Knowledge Center for in depth guides on all things Laser Academy.

Q: How does Laser Academy stack up against other laser-based training systems?
A: We’ve compared the best laser training systems for you to contrast pricing, what’s on offer, as well as customer feedback to help you discern the value of these systems before you buy.

Q: I received my Laser Academy kit, but did not receive the sensor that attaches to the firearm. Where is it?
A: Unlike our Shooting Performance System, Laser Academy does not utilize movement sensing technology to do its job. You can use both systems together but doing so is not required.

Q: What is the purpose of the small Bluetooth remote that is included with the large tripod in the Standard Laser Academy kit?
A: Nothing in particular. The remote is included from the factory but serves no purpose when using the Laser Academy app.

Q: Where are the instructions?
A: Within the Laser Academy app, navigate to Settings > Instruction Guide.

Q: The point of impact of my laser does not match the point of aim, can I fix this in the app?
A: Yes, this can be adjusted using the Ballistic Offset feature. This is a global setting that is changed within any of the drills, and once the adjustment is made, will affect all other drills. To access, open a drill (Open Shooting - Single Target, for example) > click on Settings in the top right, a new menu will appear > Scroll down on the new menu until you see Ballistic Offset > select SHOOT TO CALIBRATE.

Q: Where can I delete a shot or session?
A: Yes, sessions can be deleted. To delete, after pressing "stop" on the active session, click the three dots on the lower right, and choose "Delete Session". Past sessions can be deleted in the same manner by opening the session from the History tab. - Shots are not able to be deleted at this time. This will be added at some point in the future.

Q: How do I get a refund for an in-app purchase?
A: It depends what kind of phone/tablet you have. If you contact customer support, we will assist.

Q: How do I get the red coloring to go away?
A: Red color indicates areas that are over saturated/bright and will cause shot detection issues. To prevent problems, the app is programmed to ignore these areas.

Q: Can I add notes?
A: Yes. To add notes, after pressing "stop" on the active session, click the three dots on the lower right, and choose "Delete Session". Notes can be added to past sessions in the same manner by opening the session from the History tab. 

Q: Can I designated pistol vs. rifle training?
A: Yes, go to the Settings tab (lower right) and choose Manage Arsenal to add firearms. 

Q: What devices are compatible with the Laser Academy app?
A: Android (v7.0 or greater) and iOS (v12.0 or greater). Older devices will have stricter lighting condition requirements due to camera hardware limitations.

Q: Does Laser Academy work with the MantisX Shooting Performance System?
A: The two systems can be used in conjunction with one another. The presence of one system does not change how the other system functions. Two smart devices are likely to be needed; one for each app.

Q: What laser colors work with Laser Academy?
A: Red and green.

Q: Does Laser Academy work with IR lasers?
A: No.

Q: Does Laser Academy work with my laser cartridge? (G-sight, LaserHit, etc.)
A: If the laser cartridge is a red or green laser, then the system is expected to work. 

Q: I bought brand X laser, will it work with Laser Academy?
A: We expect most cartridges that emit a visible laser to be compatible with Laser Academy.

Q: Can I use Laser Academy outside?
A: Yes. As long as the camera can adjust to the lighting and the laser is bright enough to stand out above the ambient lighting, using the system outside should not pose a problem.

Q: What is the max range Laser Academy supports?
A: The max range is determined by the phone/tablet camera and lighting conditions. There is no arbitrary max defined by the software.

Q: Can I use my DryFireMag trigger reset system with Laser Academy?
A: Smart DryFireMag models are compatible with Laser Academy. However, standard DryFireMag models are not, as they disable the firing pin function needed to activate the laser cartridge.

Q: How do I set up the Smart Targets?
A: A flat surface with each corner of the target unobscured (this includes shadows that may fall near or over the fiducial). The distance between target and camera is usually 1-3 yards, but you may find zooming in with the camera allows greater distances.

Q: Can I print out larger targets?
A: Yes. The electronic version of the targets are available HERE and can be used to print larger sized targets.

Q: What is the size/scale of the Smart Targets?
A: Portable Smart targets | Standard Smart targets 

Q: Can I get X target in the app?
A: Send a request to our customer service team to request new target types.

Q: Are Smart Targets required to use Laser Academy?
A: No, but they make using the system a lot more easy and intuitive, with automatic target detection and automatic scoring. Laser Academy allows you to define manual hit zones in cases where Smart Targets are not used.

Q: Where is my Laser Academy access code?
A: The code card is included in the Laser Academy kit. Be sure to look in the lid of the zippered case, under the foam, and in the retail box. Example full access card.

Q: My Laser Academy full access code doesn't work, what is wrong?
A: Please contact customer service to troubleshoot code activation issues.

Q: Where/how do I enter my full access code?
A: Go to Laser Academy > Settings > Sign in to the app with a username, and on the same Settings screen, select Manage Account. This will open a browser window where you can enter the code.

Q: Can the full Laser Academy features be used without signing in or using a username?
A: Yes. No sign is required. Download the app. Purchase full access from within the app. If you ever uninstall the app or switch phones, you will need to sign into the app store using the same app store account, re-download the app, then within Laser Academy go to SETTINGS and choose RESTORE IN-APP PURCHASES. If you choose not to use a username within the Laser Academy app, your data will not be backed up. If the app is uninstalled or the phone formatted or lost, all the data will be lost as well.

Q: Can I transfer my Laser Academy access (full access included in Laser Academy Kit, full access purchased in app, Individual drill access, etc.)?
A: No. Laser Academy access is not transferable. 

Pink Rhino Laser Cartridge

Q: I can only shoot one time then I have to manually reset the trigger to shoot again, what is wrong?
A: This is normal. The laser cartridge has no way to reset your trigger. As such, you may need to manually cycle the slide to reset the trigger.

Q: How to adjust the point of impact on a Pink Rhino Laser Cartridge?
A: The laser position is fixed. There is no mechanism for adjusting the laser position.

Q: Can I get new o-rings or end caps?
A: Yes, we sell these via custom orders. Please contact our sales team.

Q: Why did I get a Pink Rhino laser cartridge with 3 o-rings instead of 2 o-rings?
A: Pink Rhino has two variants of the same laser cartridge models and when ordering a laser cartridge, you may receive either configuration.

Q: I want the 2 o-ring version, who do I talk to to get it?
A: Exchanges based on o-ring count are not offered at this time.

Q: How do I put the Pink Rhino laser cartridge in my gun?
A: Here is a video demonstrating how to install the laser cartridge.

Q: Can I use Pink Rhino laser cartridges with a DryFireMag?
A: No. DryFireMag disables the firing pin function and the firing pin function is required to activate the laser cartridge.

Q: Does X laser cartridge size work with my gun?
A: The correct size of Pink Rhino laser cartridge is determined by the chambering of the firearm. Check the barrel to determine which caliber is appropriate for your firearm.

Q: What batteries does my Pink Rhino laser cartridges use?
A: Three LR626 batteries are required.

Q: What is the max range?
A: This depends on the users eyes, the surface being shot, and the ambient light. The brighter the ambient light, the shorter the max distance the laser is visible at.

Q: Can Pink Rhino work in Pistol Caliber Carbines?
A: Yes.
Q: Why does this Pink Rhino laser cartridge not cycle my gun when I dry fire?
A: The laser cartridge is not designed to cycle the firearm. In most cases, the user must reset the trigger manually after each shot.

Q: How long does the Pink Rhino last?
A: This varies from one firearm to the next based on firing pin design, spring pressure, and how far the firing pin protrudes from the breech face. Most firearms will allow thousands of rounds before maintenance replacement of the end cap is required. 

Q: How accurate are Pink Rhino laser cartridges?
A: A deviation of 0.25" per yard is the max acceptable.

Order Processing and Shipping

Q: Does Next Business Day shipping require a signature?
A: Yes. If you are not available when the delivery is attempted, the shipment will most likely be held. Contact the local distribution center for the shipping carrier to determine if other options may be available.

Q: Does Mantis offer a payment plan?
A: Yes, payment plans are available through PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Shop Pay at checkout. Subject to each services terms and conditions.  Additionally, most major credit card brands offer a pay over time option, please inquire with your credit card issuer.

Q: When will my order ship (i.e. order processing timeframe)?

A: Orders for in-stock products will usually ship Monday-Friday (except holidays or holidays observed). In most cases, domestic customer orders for in-stock products with free shipping are estimated to be processed within 2-5 business days. Orders with expedited shipping are estimated to be processed within 1-2 business days. These timeframe estimates are not a guarantee and can increase based on a number of factors. Please contact our customer service team for an estimate on our current order processing timeframes.

Q: When will my continental USA order arrive (i.e. order shipping timeframe)?

A: Most continental USA orders are delivered within five business days from the date of shipment from our warehouse. However, delivery times can vary due to factors beyond our control, such as weather conditions, shipping carrier delays, and routing issues. During peak periods, especially November to December, extended shipping timeframes are more common. For remote or less accessible regions, additional time may be required.

Q: When will my international order arrive (i.e. order shipping timeframe)?

A: Shipping time frames can significantly vary by country. Generally, orders may arrive anywhere between 1-4 weeks, but in some cases, especially for destinations with longer transit routes or more complex customs procedures, it may take 1-3 months. Factors influencing these variations include customs processing, transportation routes, local delivery standards, weather conditions, political stability, holiday seasons (in both the USA and the receiving country), and public health situations. If you are concerned about a delay, we recommend contacting your local Customs office to check if any action is required on your part for the delivery.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes

Q: For international orders, are there taxes or fees?

A: Other than shipping charges, we do not assess taxes or fees for international orders. You can expect Customs to charge a tax/duty and possibly fees. It is the responsibility of the recipient to pay for any fees or assessments that Customs may require.

When the shipment reaches the Customs department for your country, they will contact you to collect any tax/duty/fee that is required. These fees and rates vary from country to country and can change at any time. We are unable to confirm what this cost may be. If this is a concern, we recommend contacting your Customs to determine what fees and rate may apply to your shipment. International orders that are rejected will not be re-shipped and are not eligible for refund.

Q: Is there a restocking fee for returned items?
A: For domestic orders, there are no restocking fees. However, international orders and those shipped domestically for freight forwarding are subject to a 20% restocking fee if the order is returned or rejected upon delivery.