Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is the MantisX Instruction Guide available online?

A: Yes - view the instructions here. The full Instruction Guide is also located in the app, under Settings, Instruction Guide


Q: What if my gun doesn’t have a rail?
A: We think that's a perfect excuse to get another gun. If your budget doesn't allow for that, buy a rail adapter for your gun.


Q: How long is the battery life?
A: 8+ hours on a full charge. If you can shoot that much at once, you deserve a medal.


Q: Will this fit in my holster? 
A: Most light-accommodating holsters will fit with MantisX. The sensor is 2" long, 1.25" wide (at it's thickest point), and 1" high (with 0.75" below the bottom of the rail).


Q: Will this really help me improve?
A: 94% of shooters improve within 20 minutes of using MantisX


Q: Does it come in pink?
A: No


Q: What devices is the MantisX compatible with?

A: The MantisX app is available in the Apple App store, the Google Play store, and the Amazon Store.  It will work on most modern tablets and smart phones (iPhone, Samsung, etc.) that support Bluetooth 4.0+ (Bluetooth Low Energy).  If you're looking for a cheap tablet that works great with the MantisX, we sell the Kindle Fire on our store for $55.


Q: Does MantisX work on a laptop?

A: No.  Most laptops do not support the required Bluetooth Low Energy connection that the MantisX relies upon.  You can, however, access all of your training data, new charts and graphs, and download your data, by going to and logging in. (Or click here)


Q: When will the MantisX go on sale?

A: Never. Because we work with dealers around the world, we ask that they all respect a minimum price point.  In order to not undercut our dealers, we don't lower the price either.


Q: Why do I have to enable location services?

A: If you are using an Android device, the MantisX app will ask for Bluetooth and Location Services permissions.  This is because it is often possible for apps to determine your location using Bluetooth. We don't actually need to know where you are and don't track your location - It's Android's way of making sure you know that we could.


Q: Why does my MantisX fall off during live fire?

A: You probably didn't put the screw through the slot in the rail.  The screw is not just for tension, it's also to keep the MantisX from sliding off the rail.  If your MantisX ever falls off, it's not properly installed.


Q: Will you ever be able to connect multiple MantisX units to one phone?

A: Probably not - Bluetooth currently is a 1 to 1 connection, which means one MantisX to one phone.   Unless future Bluetooth technology changes that, you'll need one phone for each MantisX you want to be using.


Q: How do I sign up as a dealer?

A: Send us an email or sign up and we'll provide you with dealer information.


Q: What batteries does the MantisX take?

A: The MantisX is rechargeable.  It is charged by a micro USB cable and lasts 8 to 10 hours on a charge.  If you have any battery problems, let us know and we'll take care of it.


Q: What calibers does MantisX work with?

A: MantisX works on any caliber of firearm.  It's very tough - and if you manage to break it in normal use, we'll repair or replace it for you.  See our torture testing here.


Q: How can I add notes to a session?

A: Simply tap on the note icon in the lower right hand corner on any of the diagnostic screens.


Q: Does MantisX work on both pistols and rifles?

A: Yes - MantisX has settings for being used with either a pistol or a rifle.


Q: Does it work live fire and dry fire?

A: Yes!  Read more about dry fire detection.


Q: Will this help me as a beginning shooter?

A: Yes!  With built in coaching tips and instant visual feedback, this will help you master your trigger control.


Q: Will this help me as an advanced shooter?

A: Definitely.  MantisX will help you hone in your trigger control so it's perfect every time. Then you can improve you speed and transitions.  Competition shooters love the MantisX


Q: Can I use the same sensor with multiple smartphones/tablets?

A: Yes!  You can use the same MantisX with any gun or phone you own.  You can also share your MantisX with your friends, although they might not give it back.


Q: Is there a warranty on this?

A: Yes.  If you break it, we'll repair or replace it for up to two years.


Q: Does it work on Android and iOS and Kindle Fire?

A: Yes.  Play StoreApple StoreAmazon Store.


Q: Does it work on both tablets and smartphones?

A: Yes


Q: Does the manufacturer have amazing customer service and support?

A: Yes


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes


Q: Is it Made in the USA?

A: MantisX is proudly made in the United States of America.  We do all the assembly, programming, testing, and shipping out of our offices in Illinois.