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MantisX Units
X2, X3, X10Elite

Our app-guided Shooting Performance System gives you a digital instructor that grades you shot for shot to teach you how to improve your technique.

Blackbeard and BlackbeardX

Our Auto Resetting Trigger Systems for AR-15 Platforms allows you to keep your complete AR-15 rifle setup but allows for dry fire without using the charging handle.

Laser Academy

Our app-guided Laser Training System allows you to dry fire at home with guided drills and real-time feedback using your own equipment and a drop in laser cartridge.

"I highly recommend the Mantis X10 Elite for anyone who wants to really improve their shooting and for serious shooters who want to master their craft."

Tactical Hyve

"BlackbeardX is able to track all that (muzzle movement) and show it to you and it is glorious."

Active Self Protection Extra

"This (Laser Academy) comes with a variety of drills and targets that will keep your brain entertained when it comes to dry fire."

Gun Spot

"Did the MantisX make me a better shot? Yes!"

Pew Pew Tactical

"The new BlackbeardX from MantisX is an incredible kit that will greatly enhance both your live and dry-fire training with your AR pattern rifle."

Gun Made

"Laser Academy is a great at home training tool."

Geauga Firearms Academy

"MantisX is a very useful training system you can use on the range or off the range for dry fire practice."


"The Mantis Blackbeard is an outstanding training tool that makes dry-fire practice that much more authentic while offering the safety, ease of use, and cost savings that dry-fire brings with it."

Task and Purpose

"Laser Academy comes with everything you need to make dryfire enjoyable and productive."

Concealed Carry

"The MantisX is the most reliable, nitpicking range partner you can have."


"Besides the benefits of the Blackbeard being a dryfire system, It really shines in the ability to use all of your own personal hardware."

Firearms Insider

"There are several other Laser type training solutions out there but, The Mantis Laser Academy is a complete solution and they have thought of everything you would need to get up and going quickly."


"Regardless of your level Mantis X10 Elite is going to give you some good feedback."

Sunday Gunday

"The Mantis Blackbeard might be the best dry fire tool and experience ever created."

The Truth about Guns

"The Mantis Laser Academy Training Kit is a great solution for those that want to elevate their skills by dryfiring at home."

Pew Pew Tactical

"This (MantisX) is probably the most valuable training tool I've ever purchased"


"This (BlackbeardX) is by far the best dry fire training system on the planet, nothing else allows you to do this."


"I give this (Laser Academy) a 10/10 every time. It has filled a void in my personal training regimen that I was unaware that I had."

Spotter Up

"The compact MantisX training system is a stone cold bargain"

Massad Ayoob

"We found that the system (Blackbeard) made performing dry-fire versions of several drills very easy and enjoyable, even for the inexperienced."

American Rifleman

"The Mantis Laser Academy Training System is an excellent system to hone your shooting skills when at home."

Gear Report

"I can’t suggest the Mantis X10 Elite enough. Its ability to measure your strengths and progress is reason enough. The standard drills, precise measurements, multiple-use design, and easy-to-use design makes it a wonderful training device in my eyes."

The Truth about Guns

"The Blackbeard does an excellent job at making the dryfire process easier."

Primer Peak

"I absolutely believe the Mantis Laser Academy helped improve my skills and I highly recommend it."

A Girl & A Gun

"The MantisX is a great tool to help you get feedback about everything that happens during the firing sequence."

ITS Tactical

"It (BlackbeardX) is the best dry fire for AR-15's period."

Overland EDC

"This is perhaps the most striking endorsement I can give for the Mantis system and the Laser Academy. It actually makes you look forward to your dry-fire training instead of putting it off."

"Consider it (Mantis X10 Elite) a must-have personal training tool for anyone serious about their marksmanship."

Gun Magazine

"(BlackbeardX) Not just a dry fire trainer, now I'm getting data and real information from the app."


"You're getting multiple uses out of this (Laser Academy) and maximum value so every live fire round counts."

Active Self Protection Extra

"I thought it was just another dry-fire system. Way wrong. While it (MantisX) does have a lot of utility in dry practice applications, it’s ability to measure and diagnose live fire in real time, and guide the user through various drills really amplifies its utility."

Spotter Up

"It (Blackbeard) is a fantastic and affordable training tool that allows AR shooters to bring their dry fire training to the next level by making it more realistic."

Shoot On

"It's (Laser Academy) a really great investment and will save you money in the long run on your training because you can get really practical training at home."

She Equips Herself

"Overall this device is a well-made and effective training tool that any shooter can benefit from."

Shooting Sports USA

"The Blackbeard adds layers of safety to your dry-fire, resets the trigger automatically and gives the kind of visual feedback you need to improve your shooting. It’s products like the Blackbeard that make dry-fire more fun, safer and more beneficial."

Fifty Shades of FDE

"This device (Laser Academy) is fun and it comes with everything you need. It's definitely something that I want to keep for my dry fire training to make it entertaining."

The Armory Life

"This (MantisX) is where the near-magic happens"

NRA's America's 1st Freedom

"Dry firing with your rifle can be really boring and cumbersome. Mantis has solved that with the Blackbeard and Blackbeard X. Not only will you have more fun, but your dry fire practice will also be more realistic, effective, and efficient."

Tactical Hyve

"This system [Laser Academy] has also improved my shot. It is perfect for these times of expensive ammo and shortages. I have been using both [X10 and laser academy] products together. That is the thing that I like about Mantis the best. Their products merge perfectly together."


"I don’t say ‘game changer’ lightly...this (MantisX) is the most revolutionary shooting training aid I’ve seen in, well, the history of ever."

Ultimate Marksman

"Dry fire training is the best bang for your buck you can get and the Blackbeard makes AR dry fire training a lot easier, smoother, and more real."

Pew Pew Tactical

"Overall, the Mantis Laser Academy is a fantastic training tool, and I don’t say that lightly. It’s innovative, intuitive, fun and it really does improve your shooting. If you put in the time, you WILL see results and improvement."

We Shoot 2

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