Mantis Tech, LLC is proud to announce a breakthrough in technology adoption:  beginning immediately, Mantis will be regularly updating the blog.

"The world has proven that blogs will come and go in popularity, but ours is all GO," says Marketing Manager Pavel Yurevich.  "In actuality, we just needed a convenient place to hold our interesting news and information, so we figured the plug-in already available on our software platform was good enough.  So here we are."

With 4 blog posts already queued up, Mantis is well-prepared for consistent posting, the true bellweather for blog longevity and popularity.

"What's a blog?" asked President Austin Allgaier.  No one was sure if that was rhetorical, philosophical, or yet one more example of his lame sense of humor.

"At Mantis, we're so focused on breakthrough technology, we forget the value of past technology that everyone has moved on from," says Electrical Engineer Derek Stewart.  "It's time we honored the past."

The blog is viewable here.


Rhetorical question.  They're everywhere.  Lurking.

But even the lurkers get caught with website analytics (sometimes).  Top 10 countries? Here we go:

First Post

May 12, 2015

Yeah, this is how it all started.  
We think the latest version is a bit more elegant.

Mantis Prototype

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