MantisX releases more App Updates

Nudge Prompt - This is an iOS update only, it was previously released on Android in September 2022 on 6.2.0.  The nudge prompts the user to continue using the app by noting encouragement and accomplishments as a pop up notification at the top of the app.

History: Update query when selected drills are involved - In the History tab sessions and shot counts are always displayed in history.  The score and the trigger control graphs are only populated by drills focused on trigger control.

Audible Shot Placement - This allows for users to toggle on/off an audible call out for shot placement based on the spider chart wedge, i.e. “low left”.  It can be turned on to work in conjunction with reading out the score of the shot, or just the direction on its own.  It is an option in the audio feedback menu from the Settings tab.

Simultaneous Courses - This will allow for users to be working through multiple courses simultaneously.  For the currently active course challenges and progress will be displayed and only sessions trained with

Elise Abbott
Elise Abbott