Release the Kraken of unpublished articles!

We've written some articles that we think may be of interest to all.  Links below!

The ammo shortage and high ammo prices aren't going away any time soon.  What are the options?  We have lots of ideas.

People often think about guns and ammo.  They don't think about dry fire training aids.  We think they should.

What's in your range bag?  Well, maybe not everything you need.  Here are some additional options.

Laser cartridge vs. laser pistol.  We have some thoughts to consider in your decision making process.

Buying your first self-defense handgun?  There's a lot to think about it.  But don't let it overwhelm you.  We simplify the thought process down to make it a whole lot easier.  

We're all about the data.  What does the data from 100 million shots tell us?

Enjoy!  More to come.

Austin Allgaier
Austin Allgaier