New Configurable Drills and More!


Configurable Drills - Now you can configure your own drills!  This feature will add a settings icon to the drill details screen for most drills.  All existing drills will still be available with their current settings as the defaults, any changes made in the configurable settings will stick and continue to be the settings of that drill until the Reset button is tapped in the settings menu. 
The configurable settings are:
Buzzer Delay - Slider increments in 3 second windows ranging from 1 - 18 seconds (slider moved from advanced settings)
Shot Count - Slider from No Limit - 30

Passing Score - Slider from None - 100

Ready Position - Other [No Beep], Other [Beep], On Target, Holster, Low Ready, High Ready

Par Time - Button will pop up a time selector, 0 - 20 seconds and 0 - .95 milliseconds in .05 intervals

Repeat - Slider from None - 10

Save Daily Challenges - This feature gives you the ability to save up to 5 Daily Challenges that you can repeat at any time.  If you choose to remove a saved Daily Challenge you will be prompted to confirm and you will lose it. In order to add it again you'll have to wait for it to come back around in the regular Daily Challenges schedule.  These saved Daily Challenges will be stored in MantisWeb so they will be attached to your account and persist across all logged in devices.

Shoot/No Shoot Drill Hostage Rescue - We've added a new drill.  It will combine the existing shoot/no shoot and hostage rescue drills to practice quick and effective trigger control. The Shoot/No Shoot drill can also be adjusted though configurable settings to start holstered, set a passing score, and a par time. 

Google/Facebook Login - When you go to MantisWeb you can now login with your Facebook or Google credentials.

Elise Abbott
Elise Abbott