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Is MantisX The Best Firearms Training Aid?

There are a lot of great firearms and pistol training aids out there.  Here is an overview of what the MantisX can do to help you decide if it is the best training aid for you.
Dry Practice
Live Fire Training
With Your Own Gun
Real-time Analysis
Tracks Progress Over Time
Easy to Set Up
Built in Shot Timer
Works in Any Lighting
Works at Any Distance
Works with CO2 pistols
Training From the Holster

These are just a few of the reasons why we believe that the MantisX is a must have training aid for anyone who wants to improve their marksmanship.

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When thinking about which firearms training system would be best for you, ask yourself these questions.

  • Dry Practice - Does this aid improve the dry practice experience?
  • Live Fire Training - Can you use this aid with real ammunition and recoil?
  • With Your Own Gun - Can you use this aid to train with your own grips, sights, and trigger?
  • Real-time Feedback - Does this aid give you actual analysis of you shooting?
  • Tracks Progress over Time - Can you use this aid to see how well you are improving, and what you need to work on still?
  • Easy to Set Up - Is the aid portable and easy to set up/put away?
  • Built in Shot Timer - Does this aid let you train with a built in shot timer?
  • Works in Any Lighting - Do you have to worry about the lighting with this training aid?
  • Works at Any Distance - Does this training aid have any special targets for you to worry about or only work at a specified distance?
  • Works with CO2 Pistols - Can you use this training aid with simulated recoil and airsoft weapons?
  • Training from the Holster - Can you train on drawing from the holster with this aid?