AR-15 resetting trigger for dry fire practice

It is every serious shooter's dream to practice for free.  There is no replacement for live fire, just like there's no replacement for the money you spend on ammo.

(TLDR; check out our solution to auto-resetting the trigger during AR-15 dry fire practice: BLACKbeard.)

There are multiple reasons why the best shooters in the world do 80-90% of their practicing dry - without ammo.  Not only is it cheaper and more convenient, but you can ingrain a solid skill set without ammunition consumption.

MantisX has made dry fire more effective by providing real-time feedback on shooting mechanics so that you don't ingrain bad habits or build training scars in dry fire practice.  

The one downside to dry fire practice is having to rack the slide on a semi-automatic pistol or charge the handle on an AR-15.  In a non-double-action world, the shot prep can disturb some focus and slow down the process of learning.

In the semi-automatic pistol market, DryFireMag has come up with some options for a resetting trigger.  For Glocks, there is also reset trigger you can buy and put into your gun.  And for law enforcement, you can purchase a Glock 17R, a non-firing variant of the Glock 17 that has a built-in resetting trigger for try fire practice.

The disadvantage of some alternatives is that you can't mimic your actual trigger break and reset - since the actual trigger group is modified or replaced.

And in all this the AR-15 market has been left wanting.

And for the AR-15 market, there hasn't been an option for a dry fire reset kit for under $2k - until now.

The patent-pending BlackBeard is a wizard at resetting the hammer between shots.  It can do up to 4 shots per second, and thousands of shots between charges or battery replacement.

BlackBeard replaces the bolt carrier group with an electromechanical piece of engineering magic that quickly resets the hammer between shots, making dry fire practice insanely more effective and productive.