While MantisX was designed for live fire usage, it is effective in dry fire practice as well. Our software algorithms are continually improving, and you should expect that the dry fire component will see continual improvements through regular app updates.

There are many technically complex pieces of MantisX. Dry fire is one of them. While the MantisX sensor continually collects and transmits movement data, the crucial part of the algorithm design is shot detection. Live fire shot detection is easier than dry fire shot detection, for obvious reasons. Additionally, it is crucial to try to eliminate false positives that could arise from jostling, racking, or other movements that could mimic a dry fire hammer or striker hit. Fortunately, we have some significantly geeky engineers designing complex algorithms to give accurate results.  

There are trade offs between eliminating false positives and missing some actual dry fire shots. We have chosen to reduce false positives in the shot detection, which means that some actual shots will be eliminated from reporting as well. However, the shots that are recorded will be accurate.

We have tested our algorithms on hundreds of firearms and are continually updating the app with new data sets. We won't stop improving.

With the latest app release, dry fire shot detection ranges from 80-97%, while the false positive rate is <1% on average. With future app releases, we will update data on this page.

If you are experiencing issues with accurate dry fire shot detection, please contact us with the specific make and model of the firearm experiencing issues, and we'll add additional priority to that specific firearm in an app update.

Lastly, MantisX is now compatible with SIRT pistols. For those who like everything in one package, we'd love to see an integrated version in the future.