We at Mantis Tech pride ourselves on developing cutting edge live and dry fire training apps and tools that provide insights and feedback that shooters of every skill level value, they’re not made to be outgrown. Our products are also designed around ensuring you get quality trigger time with your own equipment, as training with your set-up, from trigger pull and reset, to sight acquisition, to basic weight and balance, is no small factor. We want to help you push your training as hard as you like, develop and maintain your skills, all with the data-driven feedback Mantis products provide.


The MantisX line of training systems provide shot by shot analysis and feedback that goes beyond basic target practice. Tracking the lifecycle of each shot, from hold to trigger press, shot break and recoil pattern, the app presents coaching diagnosis as well as visual feedback, giving you data the eye cannot see. You know the result of every shot, MantisX gives you the entire story. 

Laser Academy

With Laser Academy you get a variety of targets along with the widest selection of in-app drills, meaning training can get as dynamic as you like. Holster draws, split times, multi-target drills, you can even train with a partner! Set up is simple and the array of options keep training engaging. Give your dry fire training more life and get your in-home target range going today.


The Blackbeard system allows you to dry fire your AR15 without the concern of developing training scars from being forced to run the charging handle between every pull of the trigger. This electronic system can keep up with even the fastest of fingers, and even houses a laser that can pair with Laser Academy if you want to take your training to another level.