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Dry Fire App

There are many dry fire apps out there, but we believe that the MantisX app is the best.

The MantisXOur app connects to the MantisX which mounts on the rail of your firearm and tracks the movement as you shoot.  The app analyzes the movement of your gun as you are dry firing and reports back to you what you can do to improve.  

Gone are the days of dry firing without feedback; gone are the days of balancing a cartridge casing on the sights of your pistol; gone are the days of guessing how much you are improving. The MantisX app will give you the best dry fire practice experience you've ever had.

We all want to be better at shooting and experts say that dry fire is the best way to do that. Our app is designed around idea that dry fire practice is most effective when you can:

  • Use your own firearm
  • Get real time feedback on trigger control
  • Train anytime, anywhere

The app is free, so every time we make an update to it you'll get added functionality and features for free!  Order your MantisX and improve your dry fire practice today!