MagRail - Sig Sauer P238 - Magazine Floor Plate Rail Adapter

Replace the Sig Sauer P238 magazine base plate with a rail adapter so you can attach the MantisX to your P238.  This adapter replaces the baseplate on the 7-round magazine with the pinky extension. (Not compatible with the 6-round flush mag)

Preferred if you don't have light-accommodating holster and want to train with holster draws, or if the firearm doesn't have a rail.

Not compatible with the Mantis X3 or X10.

Part number:  MT-2031

The MagRail replaces the factory finger rest. To remove the existing finger rest, you will need to slide it off the top of the magazine. The shelf is snapped in place, with the floor plate toe keeping it from sliding down, and two tabs, one on each side, that wrap around the bottom of the floor plate to keep it from sliding up. Spread the shelf out, side to side, until the two tabs clear the floor plate and slide it upward. A heat gun may help as the plastic is pretty stiff.

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