In shooting sports firing the gun, whether in practice, class, or competition, is undeniably the most fun part, but when we take a step back we can see there is so much more to it than just pulling the trigger.  That is especially true when we get into the self defense and personal safety portion of shooting sports.  You may go to a class to learn to shoot better but it’s not the only topic that is taught.  That is only one piece of the self defense pie, and while we need those skills we also need to look at the bigger picture.  After all, the best defense is to not be in the situation in the first place.  The skill that allows us to do that is situational awareness and we use a Color Code to easily break down this skill.

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Whether you are a new shooter or a seasoned one, competitive or defensive, casual or serious, we can all agree on one thing: shooting is actually a really enjoyable activity, one might even categorize it as fun.  It gets us out into a unique world where we can try new things, meet new people, learn life saving skills, and exercise our mind, body, and the primal part within us all.  In fact, when you fire a gun many of our feel good chemicals are dumped into our brains, we can’t help it, shooting a gun is enjoyable. 

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Whether you have been around firearms for a long time or are just getting started you have probably heard about dry firing, but what exactly is dry fire?  Well, there are two answers to that question.  The first is the actual physical action you take, which is to fire the gun without any live ammo.  The second answer is the more interesting one, which is that dry fire is how you get good at shooting.  

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You asked for it...the hunt drill and duel were added in December 2021.
Add some cognitive challenge to your marksmanship training.  
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Tap, Rack, Bang Drill for Dry Fire Training From Home

Add the "Tap, Rack, Bang" Drill to your dry fire training regimen to get more from your next session. Check out how to safely build your skills from home anytime with a simple TRT trainer and Laser Academy. 

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Firearms training can sound dull and drab - to the uninformed.  We've created some additional resources to increase your awareness and hopefully you inspire to make firearms training a part of your daily routine.


Practice Makes Perfect

Real World Defense Training

How much many can you save with dry fire training?

New constitutional carry laws

Common grip mistakes with handguns




We've written some articles that we think may be of interest to all.  Links below!

The ammo shortage and high ammo prices aren't going away any time soon.  What are the options?  We have lots of ideas.

People often think about guns and ammo.  They don't think about dry fire training aids.  We think they should.

What's in your range bag?  Well, maybe not everything you need.  Here are some additional options.

Laser cartridge vs. laser pistol.  We have some thoughts to consider in your decision making process.

Buying your first self-defense handgun?  There's a lot to think about it.  But don't let it overwhelm you.  We simplify the thought process down to make it a whole lot easier.  

We're all about the data.  What does the data from 100 million shots tell us?

Enjoy!  More to come.

Dry Fire Training at Home: the Basics

Whether your training goal is to improve your gun handling or maintain the skills you already have, getting to practice shooting at home through dry fire training is something from which all shooters can benefit regardless of skill level.

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