What do experts say about MANTISX?

"The MantisX is the most reliable, nitpicking range partner you can have."
"This is where the near-magic happens"
"The MantisX gave the most useful feedback data of any of the systems I played with"  TFB
"Quality: 5 stars"
"The future is here and I can’t wait to see what the fusion of firearms and computers brings us next."
"I would rank this device among the most promising to this new arena of shooting instruction."



What do users say about MANTISX?

"MantisX immediately identified my most common shooting mistake."

-Kevin B.

"I don't have to have an instructor nearby at all times to improve my shooting skills!"

-Sandra P.

"I love the competition MantisX creates! I use it every time when I go to a range with my friends."

-Gregory S.

"Grouping of my shots improved dramatically! I am a better shooter because of MantisX."

-Josh B.