Military and Law Enforcement

Mantis products are used extensively by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide, with a proven track record of increasing combat marksmanship lethality more efficiently than any other training approach.

The absence of proper training has led to a pervasive culture of inadequate marksmanship skills among military personnel.  The statistics reveal that the U.S. military fired around 250,000 rounds for every insurgent killed during the global war on terrorism.

Real-world use of Mantis technologies and products has driven real-world results in case studies and application:

The US Army's controlled study showed implementing Mantis reduced time to zero by 25%, increased qualification rates by 30%, and achieved record qualification scores.

The US Marine Corps has implemented Mantis for basic training, and has seen qualification rates and scores increase, all while reducing live fire range time required by 40%.  In the first year of implementation, the return on investment will be over 20X.

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