How To Get Started With Mantisx


1) Download the app (MantisX) from the App Store or Google Play. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone or tablet.
2) Attach the sensor to your firearm
3) Turn on the sensor by briefly pressing the button on the bottom
4) MantisX uses Bluetooth Low Energy, so it connects directly in-app rather than through your Bluetooth settings like a standard Bluetooth device.  Open the app, and press “connect” – then leave the firearm on a flat surface for a few seconds to calibrate. 
5) After calibration occurs, press the “start” button to start collecting data.
6) When you’re done with a round of shooting, press “stop” & analyze your data.
7) Press “reset” between rounds of shooting to store your data
8) Ensure your settings are correct
The most effective way to use MantisX is to look at aggregate shooting session data rather than individual shot data alone. Start a session, take 10-15 shots, then stop the session and analyze the data. From there, you'll be able to better discern patterns and areas of focus.

Each shot is scored depending on how much you moved away from your sighted position during the trigger pull. A score of a 100 means that you didn't move at all, which is almost impossible given the natural arc of movement.
For each shot, MantisX detects the direction of the barrel movement during the trigger pull. If you tend to shoot left, left sector will light up on the wheel. After a few shots, the training device shows the pattern of your movement.
Analyzing an individual shot or group of shots, MantisX provides you with a suggestion of what may be the cause of the movement. Click on it to read about what you should focus on to improve during your next round of shots.
Explore the other screens for detailed feedback by swiping left and right.


- Press quickly to turn on
- Press and hold to turn off (about 1 second until lights are off)
- Press and hold for 5 seconds to perform a reset (all lights will flash rapidly)

USB cable can be plugged into a computer USB port or any phone/device charger

1) Green status LED near the button:
- Indicates whether the device is on, and whether the device is connected to a smartphone or tablet
- LED off = device is powered off*
- LED flashing = device is on, but not connected (searching for connection)
- LED on = device on, and connected
2) Red Low Battery LED
- On: battery is low
3) Orange Charging LED: Device is connected to a power source to charge.  MantisX takes about two hours to charge fully, and lasts 8-9 hours of continuous use on a full charge.
*Note: The when charging the X3, X7, and X10 the LED light will turn off when the battery is full.
Forward Mount: the USB port is facing the shooter
Backward Mount: the USB port is facing away from the shooter
While MantisX was designed for live fire usage, it is effective in dry fire practice as well. Our software algorithms are continually improving, and you should expect that the dry fire component will see rapid improvements through regular app updates. There are many technically complex pieces of MantisX. Dry fire is one of them. While the MantisX sensor continually collects and transmits movement data, the crucial part of the algorithm design is shot detection. Live fire shot detection is easier than dry fire shot detection, for obvious reasons. Additionally, it is crucial to try to eliminate false positives that could arise from jostling, racking, or other movements that could mimic a dry fire hammer or striker hit.
Fortunately, we have some significantly geeky engineers designing complex algorithms to give accurate results.

We have tested our algorithms on hundreds of firearms and are continually updating the app with new data sets. If you are experiencing issues with accurate shot detection, please contact us with the specific make and model of the firearm experiencing issues, and we'll add additional priority to that specific firearm in an app update.
We are continually evolving MantisX and adding additional functionality and capability through regular, significant app updates. These are planned to be released every 4-8 weeks, so be sure you are always using the latest version of the app for maximum effectiveness.
MantisX is designed to make you a better shooter. Your feedback and suggestions will make MantisX even more useful. Please contact us at
with any and all questions and feedback.