Beyond the realm of firearms, we've created a deeply insightful training tool for archery. Whether you're looking to tighten your groups for competition or to boost accuracy and confidence for your next hunt, the Mantis X8 and X10 models are designed to tell you the whole story of every shot, from before your draw to after the release. Not only do you receive real-time visual feedback on your shot mechanics, you also get suggestions and coaching for each arrow let loose. Mantis X shows you what your eyes can't see so you can shoot better, FAST. 

Your shot-to-shot data isn’t confined to a single session either, Mantis X allows you to collect training results for a historical look at progress made and where you can continue to improve. Previously unavailable observations are now yours, meaning you can self-diagnose or use in coordination with an instructor. 

Speaking of collaboration, you can also create or join groups within the app to work with training partners towards shared goals, or, of course, for a bit of friendly competition. 


For use with compound, recurve, and even crossbows, you can switch your Mantis X8 system back and forth from each, depending on what you feel like shooting that day. And if you want to throw firearm training into the mix, the X10 covers your choice of bow, pistol, shotgun, rifle, and air rifles, making for one powerfully dynamic training tool. 

What are your training goals and which system is best for you? For more information on the X8 we invite you to check out Mantis Archery, and if the all encompassing X10 sounds like the best deal for you, then you can see what it's all about here. There is no wrong choice, other than skipping training, so pick your MantisX, hit the range, and become a better shooter today.