Mantis Quarantine Competition


MantisX Competition


Social isolation sucks.  Let's make it better.

How?  The Mantis Quarantine Competition.

Hone your marksmanship skills, compete for prizes, beat isolation.  Win-win-win.

How?  We're running a series of 3-day contests.  Each contest is different. 


Contest #4 details (starts March 30th, 2020):
Competition #4 begins! This is definitely busting down quarantine blues. You have 3 days to post proof of averaging 80 or higher on the Support Hand Only Drill. See previous posts for full details!

Also announcing our 9 winners so far: @tacticaltabby @danno1812 @bailey_lueders @candyman__87 @odinbeargod @mfgundlach Steven Baine, Daryl Stephens, and Sean McGriff. Please DM us so we can get your gear to you!
Lots of #realwork going on. Keep it up!

Contest #3 details (starts March 26th, 2020):

We can dream of the beach while in social isolation, right? CHALLENGE #3 to hone our skills while quarantined: Compressed Surprise Break Drill. Average 85+ with average time 0.25 or less.

you have three days to succeed. Post screenshot proof of your results. Three winners will be randomly chosen from those succeeding and will get your choice of any one product we sell. Whoa.

#dowork and beat the isolation blues. Let’s do this together.

Contest #2 details (starts March 21st, 2020):

Can’t get to the range? Join the Mantis Quarantine Competition! Round two starts now, goes for 3 days. The last one was too easy.  Contest #2 details:
1) Do the Hostage Taker Drill - intermediate level. Save the hostage.
2) Post a screenshot proof. Post on your page, tag us, get two entries.
Bonus: save the Expert level hostage and get another entry.
3) We will draw 3 random winners from those that succeed. They will get their choice of: a) a pack of deluxe toilet paper, b) a bottle of hand sanitizer, c) a secret Mantis product launching in June. If you know, you know, and no leaking.

Check back for updates on the next contest!

Contest #1 details (starts March 17th, 2020):
1) Score a 95 average on the Mantis Benchmark Drill (10 shots).
2) Post a screenshot from your app history as proof.  Do this on our Instagram/Facebook pages (where we have details of the contest).  Get 1 entry.  If you post on your own social media page and tag us, you get 2 entries.
3) We'll draw 3 random winners from those that succeeded in the challenge.  Winner will get their choice of a) a package of deluxe toilet paper, b) a bottle of hand sanitizer, or c) a new (kind of) secret Mantis product launching in June.

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