Mantis Leaderboard Instructions

Bring fun, competition, energy, and attention to your shop, range, class, or store with the new Mantis Leaderboard! 

Leaderboard Setup

1. Create a Mantis account with username containing “leaderboard” and sign in to the app with that username (e.g. “leaderboardBCG”)

2. Display the leaderboard by going to the website:


Posting to the Leaderboard

When a drill is complete, on the “spider chart” view, you will see a trophy icon appear. Click on this icon to post their name and other information to the leaderboard.



1. How do I delete scores?

Click on the block on the display web page that you wish to remove.

2. Trophy icon not appearing?

Make sure you are signed into the app with a "leaderboard" username.

3. New leaderboard scores are not appearing?

If new scores are not appearing on the leaderboard, refresh the leaderboard web page on the display. Also make sure that the username specified in the leaderboard page is the same as the username signed in to the Mantis app on the tablet.