Laser Academy Makes Your Pistol a Laser Training Pistol

When it comes to dry fire training, we’re all striving to get as close to live fire training as possible, from feel to feedback, and to that end nothing gets you as close as working with your own equipment. A shooter’s pistol is often as unique as they are, whether your trigger is custom or stock, regardless of red dot sight or irons, if your goal is proficiency with your tools, then why not train with them? Mantis Tech’s Laser Academy system allows you to do just that, with guided drills and real-time feedback, you can create an indoor dry fire target range all your own. 

At a fraction of the cost of a high quality, training-specific replica pistol, the Laser Academy system allows you the same training with the benefit of trigger time on your own equipment. Beyond that, the target and app gives you visual feedback, scoring, and drills to aid you in pushing your own boundaries in skill while also tracking your progress along the way. Convenient and adaptable to most any space, Laser Academy makes it easy to practice anytime. 


Out of the box both Laser Academy kits have 14 modes (with more to come!) -- far more than any competitors -- allowing for as much of a well-rounded or hyper-focused training session as you like. This dynamic trainer helps you push yourself in a safe and engaging way, either on your own or with a training partner. Let's take a look at what you can expect from the app.

  • Open Shooting - Multiple Targets: Basic target shooting with multiple target scoring and the ability to store sessions to track your progress.
  • Duel - Best of Five Series: First shot on targets wins a point in best out of five competition.
  • Shot From Guard/Low Ready - Multi-Shot: Starting from a prompt, this mode measures your reaction time and shot accuracy.
  • Bullseye - 10 Shots: Records scores and splits for 10-shot sessions. Untimed, unprompted. 
  • Compressed Surprise Break: Firing from a prompt, the goal is improved reaction speed and shot accuracy.

  • Duel - 5 Shots: From a prompt both shooters draw and fire, with first on-target earning a point. A fun way to improve speed and accuracy.
  • Duel - High Score: Fastest accurate shooting round against an opponent. 
  • Holster Draw: Fast and accurate shot from holster. Each shot is placed, scored, and timed. 
  • Holster Draw - Par Timed: Fast and accurate shot from holster, against a par time. Shot must break before the par whistle. 
  • Shot From Guard/Low Ready - Multi-Rep: Fast and accurate shot from guard/low ready position.  

The Laser Academy training system is for anyone looking to improve their accuracy, efficiency, and overall aptitude with their pistol. Order yours today and accelerate your training gains.