Whether you’re a competitive shooter wanting to push yourself, you’re looking to improve your skills for self-defense, or you're simply interested in increased competency with your gun, the Laser Academy training system offers a solution for all skill levels. With the laser cartridge in your chamber, Laser Academy’s training software provides prompts, feedback, and session tracking through your phone or tablet via mobile app, as you interact and "fire" at targets specific to your training mode. 

With wide-ranging practice modes covering far more than basic marksmanship, Laser Academy helps you to improve on everything from holster draw efficiency to better split times, and even allows for competition with multi-shooter options. The variety keeps training sessions fresh and engaging, meaning you’re more likely to actually, you know, keep doing it. With the convenience of an at-home shooting range, you can get quality trigger time whenever you like, and train with friends and family while also saving mightily on range and ammunition costs.


When you purchase either the standard or portable Laser Academy kit you immediately unlock the following drills. Not only do you immediately have far more modes than any other laser trainer software offers, you’ll receive, free of charge, all future, additional drills as well. An already great value just keeps getting better.

  • Open Shooting - Single Target: Basic target shooting with scoring and the ability to store sessions to track your progress.
  • Shot From Guard/Low Ready - One Shot: Starting from a prompt this mode times your shot and tracks accuracy in single-shot sessions.
  • Duel - Single Shot: You and a training partner compete to see who has the fastest draw and keenest shot.
  • Bullseye - Five Shot: Untimed, no prompts, receive scores and splits from five-shot rounds. 
  • Open Shooting - Multiple Targets: Basic target shooting with multiple target scoring and the ability to store sessions to track your progress.
  • Duel - Best of Five Series: First shot on targets wins a point in best out of five competition.
  • Shot From Guard/Low Ready - Multi-Shot: Starting from a prompt, this mode measures your reaction time and shot accuracy.
  • Bullseye - 10 Shots: Records scores and splits for 10-shot sessions. Untimed, unprompted. 
  • Compressed Surprise Break: Firing from a prompt, the goal is improved reaction speed and shot accuracy.
  • Duel - 5 Shots: From a prompt both shooters draw and fire, with first on-target earning a point. A fun way to improve speed and accuracy.
  • Duel - High Score: Fastest accurate shooting round against an opponent. 
  • Holster Draw: Fast and accurate shot from holster. Each shot is placed, scored, and timed. 
  • Holster Draw - Par Timed: Fast and accurate shot from holster, against a par time. Shot must break before the par whistle. 
  • Shot From Guard/Low Ready - Multi-Rep: Fast and accurate shot from guard/low ready position. 

Enhance your dry fire training now with Laser Academy; get more out of each training session and enjoy the journey to improvement. If you have any questions we invite you to reach out to our world class customer support team for assistance.