Although Laser Academy is most easily used with Smart Targets (included in the Portable and Standard kits), it is possible to use any standard target with Laser Academy by manually defining hit zones within the app.

1) In the Laser Academy app, select the TRAINING tab and choose a drill.

2) Place the target in view of the camera.

3) Once the camera has adjusted, select the blue crosshair icon in the lower right hand corner.

4) Select a shape for the new hit zone.

5) Adjust the hit zone size and location.

Method 1: Press the hit zone by pressing on the blue outline and use the on-screen buttons to position the hit zone over target and adjust the size using the + and - icons.

Method 2: Press and hold the hit zone, then drag to adjust the position of the hit zone. Pinch using two fingers to adjust the size of the hit zone.

6) Once the desired scoring zone is setup, start the drill.