Laser Academy Knowledge Center

Laser Offset Calibration

The Laser Calibration feature allows the Laser Academy app to compensate for instances where the laser point of impact may deviate from the point of aim despite correctly zeroed sights and correct use of the sighting system.

1) Select a drill from the available options in the Laser Academy drill list.

2) Once the camera has adjusted, select the Settings menu in upper right hand corner.

3) Select "Shoot to Calibrate".

4) Place the crosshairs on a specific part of the target that you intend to use for the point of aim during this calibration process. Drag the crosshair then use the arrow keys to make fine adjustments.

5) Move to the distance you will be training from.

6) Only one shot is required. However, multiple shots can be fired. The most recent shot will determine the final calibration.

7) The calibration is based on the last shot placed. When you are satisfied with the shot, select "Apply"

8) Once Calibration is done, select "Start" to begin training