The Best Indoor Shot Timer

Shot timers are a critical part of training, improving, and competing.  But there is an issue with using them with other shooters around: they are based on audio feedback.  A decibel spike indicates a shot to be recorded, and your data is full of false positives and useless data.

Some shot timers have microphone adjustment settings to mitigate some of these issues, but, frankly, they don't work very well.  

Unlike traditional audio-based shot timers, MantisX uses precision accelerometers and gyroscopes to track movement of the gun.  This completely eliminates interference from other shooters or noises.  
MantisX indoor shot timer
One other unaddressed issue of audio-based shot timers is their small inaccuracy and inconsistency.  We've done numerous tests and validated that, while close, there is some variance in results between shot timers.  The MantisX samples thousands of data points per second, resulting in a more precise and consistent result in shot time recording and reporting.
Additionally, shot timers often require a second person to assist by holding the shot timer close to the shooter so as to get more complete readings.  Again, MantisX eliminates this need by being completely integrated in a small, on-firearm module.