Here at Mantis Tech our mission is to create products that help you train with the best equipment: your own. Glock has earned an immense fan base making for a diverse group of shooters, so it’s no surprise to find a vast array of configurations covering both looks and performance. Regardless of whether you’re running your pistol bone stock, nearly unrecognizably tricked out, or somewhere in between, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll want to train with your own rig; Mantis Laser Academy allows you to get target practice reps from the comfort of home with your gun, your sights, and your trigger. 

Laser Academy is a dry fire training system made up of a laser cartridge, targets, an app, and a stand to hold your mobile device. With a very basic set-up these items create an indoor firing range where you can keep your skills sharp and push your performance boundaries. Boasting the most modes and drills of any laser-based dry fire system on the market, Laser Academy provides prompts, performance tracking that covers time and accuracy, as well as historical data, meaning you can watch your progress as you go.

Though there are quality laser training pistols that approximate the feel of a Glock, Laser Academy not only costs less, you get far more than just the functionality of a laser cartridge. The aforementioned usage of your own equipment cannot be overstated and is something even the best Glock replicas cannot fully capture. Click below to learn more about how Laser Academy can take your training to the next level, all from the comfort of home while also saving you big on ammo and range fees.