Dry Practice Rules

Working with firearms always involves risks.  When dry practicing with your firearm, a few rules can help keep you save.  These rules may seem over the top but if you follow them you dramatically reduce the probability of firing your gun negligently.  We recommend printing out a copy of these rules and keeping them near where you dry practice.  Who is most at risk of a negligent discharge?  Skilled and competent firearm handlers.  Because you train so much, firearm handling movements become second nature - particularly loading the gun. Follow these dry practice rules and stay safe!

If you develop a dry practice ritual surrounding these steps, you will develop muscle memory to have safe dry practice every time.

Don't train for too long

Practice only in a designated dry practice area

unload your weapon.  unload all magazines

Place all the ammunition in a seperate room from your practice area

Be aware of your target and what is beyond it

Present weapon in a safe direction

Begin your dry practice session

Avoid all distractions and don't continue if distracted

Once you complete the session, leave the practice area and do not continue.