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Dry Fire Training

Dry fire training, dry fire practice, or dry practice, is one of the best ways to improve your shooting precision and mechanics.  When shooting it can be easy to develop a flinch.  As you fire each shot, the noise and the recoil can cause you to react.  Anticipating this will cause you to pull the gun off target in any number of directions.  Dry fire training can help you overcome these tendencies in your body.  While dry fire training is an effective way to improve your shooting fundamentals, it is not a replacement for live fire training.  However, dry practice can save you hundreds of dollars on ammunition.

When you are doing any kind of training that involves firearms, be sure to follow all firearm safety procedures.  See for more.

The basics of dry fire training are:

1) Identify areas where you need to improve (trigger control, malfunction clearing, reloading)

2) Set up in a safe place following all safety procedures (remove all ammunition from the room, aim in a safe direction)

3) Train!