Dry Fire Practice Tools

At Mantis Tech we design and develop unique, cutting edge products to help shooters from all skill levels and a wide variety of disciplines who share a common goal: a desire for improvement. You’re likely here because you already understand the importance of dry fire training, and we’ve worked hard over the years to create tools that give you detailed, actionable insights into your mechanics. This deeper awareness leads directly to more efficient and productive training sessions. 


If you’re new to Mantis Tech, we invite you to check out our extensive line of dry fire training tools.


Mantis X Training Systems


This is where it all started for us, and as we’ve grown so too has the Mantis X line. Each Mantis X training system is a powerful, precision sensor that mounts to your firearm providing real-time feedback to you via a phone app. Whether you’re looking to gain proficiency with your pistol, rifle, shotgun, or even your bow (or all together, in which case we recommend the Mantis X10), there’s a Mantis X for you. A primary benefit of training with a Mantis X system is that you’re also training with your own equipment, helping avoid potential training scars. The in-depth, shot-by-shot feedback provided can help you improve while at the range, and the dryfire functionality means you can practice anytime, while also saving on ammo costs. 

The Mantis system monitors your lead up to the shot, through your trigger press, and just after to give you a full picture of your mechanics and where you may need to adjust. Every shot is graded and feedback provided to diagnose and coach you. The insight provided is far deeper than a “correction chart”, as you receive a complete picture of each trigger pull, and the ability to iron out these hitches from the comfort of home is what Mantis’ X line of products is all about. 


The system isn’t just for static shooting either, it can handle firing on the move, multi-targets, and, for shotguns: moving targets. It also packs a shot timer and the ability to track and analyze pistol draws. If you’re social and like competing with friends, you can also create groups to share and message with inside the app. 

Laser Academy 


With guided drills and real-time feedback, Laser Academy allows you to have a training facility at home and at your convenience. Get quality reps with your own equipment and experience a higher level of dry fire training with positive results you can see and feel. Laser Academy’s variety of drill options also keep things fresh for shooters, making practice feel more like a game and less like a chore.


The Laser Academy system utilizes a laser training cartridge that drops into the chamber of your weapon, delivering a laser beam down the barrel every time the firing pin strikes the round. Using physical targets, these laser “shots” are read by your phone or tablet and scored accordingly, per mode. The simplicity of the setup is what provides the flexibility for when and where you can practice. 

Blackbeard Trigger Resetting System


With a quick change of your AR’s bolt assembly and magazine the Blackbeard Auto-resetting Trigger System does just what the name says. No more constant running of your charging handle during dry fire practice and no changing your trigger; this system allows you to get quality, realistic reps with your AR rifle without changing the feel of your setup. Blackbeard also includes an optional laser indicator, providing visual aid with where your shots are landing. Paired with a Mantis X system, you have the ultimate dry fire training setup.

There’s always something new on the horizon for Mantis Tech, so be sure to follow us on your favorite social media channel, or keep an eye on this site for the next training tool to add to your kit. If you have any questions, contact us directly and our team will be happy to help however we can.