Review reviews the MantisX:

"Every so often a product that come out and really does what they claim it will do and even more. In today’s world of tactical this or that, there is a product that will improve your shooting and increase your chances if and when you need to pull your gun for concealed carry to protect loved ones or yourself.

In my years of training I hear more times than I can count about the cost of ammo and or no time to find or drive to a range and just shoot. They either don’t have a club or range around or the time or money to join one. So you are left with a few options. Well I am here to tell you that one of the best products I have had the pleasure to use now for some time and it really does improve your shooting, without your ever firing a live round, period!

I am talking about the MantisX, this device mounts on the pic rail of your guns and can be used for both live fire and dry fire. You do get the most from it in dry fire. This product is truly amazing! The MantisX should be in every shooters case, range bag or on the table next to where you sit so you can practice with a purpose!


The Mantis X Training system

With this MantisX system you can just sit and install this in seconds on your gun and press the connect button at the bottom of the unit and hook it up to your iPhone or iPad with the free downloadable app. Once it connects, all you do is make SURE your concealed carry gun (or whatever you gun you are using) is empty, then rack the slide, point at anything and pull the trigger. The system does the rest!


Comes in a PELICAN case even!


 You can shoot as many as you want and once you stop you hit the stop button, it will average out your total score. Then you can go and look at each shot, it shows your movement, hold, trigger press and follow-through. It does this with a yellow, green and red line. On the main page showing where you hit, if you see “red” around the 10 ring, all you do is touch it and it will show you what you did wrong and how to correct it.




With the simple mount and ease of use the amount of training you get is well worth the price. You can even do a face time competition with friends as long as you both have the MantisX system. Take 5 or 10 shots each and show each other your score. It’s a fun way to gain trigger control and trigger control is the most important training you can do. Because contrary to popular belief, during a self defense situation you may not have the time to aim, you may just be able to point and shoot only! So trigger training is THAT important! You do not want to be off your mark and miss the threat and shoot somebody who is not even involved.

By using this MantisX system, you save money on rounds, gas from not driving around to your place to shoot and any range fees if you are not lucky enough to be able to shoot on your own property. Just sitting for at 30 minutes every couple of days makes a world of difference in your shooting. I do this 4 times a week to stay sharp on my Johnny Glocks Trigger and it helps in my matches. I have set club records on steel shoots in my area. I owe it to training with the MantisX to keep me sharp.

I have had other friends try it and then buy their own and the price for this unit which you can buy direct from MantisX at at $149.99 and each one has shown improvement. One went from shooting in the 50 seconds down into the high 20’s and low 30’s with just using his MantisX system.

So for a few bucks now, you can get better at self defense shooting or even any style of competition shooting. And the money you save in gas and ammo will more than make up the cost of the unit. So if you would, check it out you might be surprised at just what a little investment can do for you!

Stay safe and see you out there."