Introducing a NEW Conceal Carry Course

Introducing a NEW Concealed Carry course and several other app updates!

This course is all about practicing from concealment with your firearm. We recommend using your everyday gear. You'll need a holster, extra mag, and a concealment garment. Optional extras like dummy rounds and TRT inserts can help too.

The focus here is on mastering the skills needed for concealed carry. You'll need to stick to the basics and work on speed and accuracy in each challenge. Skills covered include shooting with one hand, reloading, shooting from retention, drawing quickly from concealment, and making quick decisions under pressure. Be ready for at least 210 draws from your holster to finish this course.

As you progress through the CCW Course, things get tougher. Our goal is to get you to a professional draw and fire within 1.5 seconds. There's also a strict standard for accuracy in drills like Hostage Rescue.



Shooting with Retention using MantisXRetention has been added and requires you to have the firearm canted between 20 - 60 degrees out from your body to ensure a slide has room to cycle.  This is used in the conceal carry course but is also available in the drill settings.



As a proud training partner of the US Army a modified version of the Table VI drill has been made under the advanced setting of Army Qualification.

This requested version adds 18 close range (10m) targets for more variation in shooting distance.  

This drill is available for all users to train and is graded to Table VI standards.



Check out our new wrap feature to see how your training with MantisX is going so far this year.   

Learn what your top drills and problems were, how much training was completed, what improvements were made and more.  Consistency is key, see how you stack up so far, the year is only half over.

Mantis Mid Year Wrap Mantis Common Issues Report in Mid Year Wrap



Introducing focus mode, with a new Stop/Reset button which clearly indicates when the session is being recorded or is ready to be reset and start again.  

The new layout also gives easy access to add notes and photos for each session.  

The navigation tabs have been removed to allow you to focus on training and less on app settings.



An enhancement has been made to Shot Timer and Hostage Rescue drills, the Score Floor can be set to allow/disallow negative scores to occur during highly dynamic drills.  

These scores were previously “thrown out” by the system as false positives, however if low scores are expected you may choose to allow all scores to be captured.  

The Score Floor will be defaulted to off to allow for negative scores in Shot Timer and defaulted to on in all Hostage Rescue drills to “throw out” negative scores.

This is available on Shot Timer and Hostage Rescue drills only.


Elise Abbott
Elise Abbott