The Only 9mm Laser Trainer You Need: Laser Academy

Since its introduction in 1902 the 9mm Luger round has proven popular worldwide for professionals and recreational shooters alike for being a well-rounded projectile, balancing reliability, stopping power, and shootability. With this massive popularity, we get quite a few questions specifically around all things 9mm, and today we’re looking at a large volume question related to one of our newest products: “What’s the best 9mm laser training system?” 

With a variety of competitors on the market, we’ve built the Laser Academy system with a keen eye on setting it apart from the pack with unrivaled functionality. We’re proud to offer the widest range of drills upon purchase than anyone else, and not only that, future add-ons are complimentary. No nickel and diming, just straight up training, that’s our passion at Mantis Tech, and we want to pass that onto the community.  

Our laser-based target practice system isn’t limited to only 9mm either, you have a choice of popular pistol-caliber sizes, as well as the ability to pair with another new product of ours, the Blackbeard trigger-reset system for ARs. Blackbeard’s optional laser allows you yet another powerful training option when working in concert with Laser Academy's drills and feedback. 

You can find out more about what Laser Academy has to offer if you’re interested, and if you’re still shopping, then check out our breakdown of Laser Academy versus other popular laser trainers on the market.

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