Get the Most Realistic Dry Fire Laser Training with Your AR

Get the most realistic training with your AR, using your trigger, your grip, and your sights, with the Blackbeard Auto-resetting Trigger System. No alteration to your trigger pull and no alteration to the reset equals meaningful dry fire reps that translate directly to your live fire performance. Also important: no more having to run the recharge handle between every shot, so no training scars or development of improper muscle memory. Blackbeard’s optional laser indicator further enhances your training with visual representation of where your “shots” land, as it fires down the barrel with every press of the trigger.

No Training Scars. Easy Installation. Seamless Experience.

Quick and easy to install, Blackbeard replaces your bolt carrier and magazine, making for simple transition from work to play and back again. The magazine battery pack is good for 50,000 shots per charge; we’ll let you do the math on the obvious cost savings versus your favorite ammo. Finally, the Blackbeard is rated to reset as quick as 10 shots per second, so once you’re ready to rock so too will be your gear.

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Banner Image Reading "no gun modifications" and "up to 10 shots per second"
Banner Image Reading "same weight, break & rest" and "up to 50,000 shots per charge"

Blackbeard Laser Options

Banner Image showing Different Blackbeard Laser Options: none, red, green and infrared

Blackbeard's variety of laser options provide an extra layer of feedback during your training. Not only does this allow you to see where your shots land on your own, it can also pair with our Laser Academy training system for deeper interactivity and performance assessment. Laser Academy's practice modes and targets add movement, timing, and scoring to the equation for dynamic sessions that greatly enhance the quality of your trigger time, every time. 

Unleash [Even] more with BlackbeardX

Looking for even more?  The all-new BlackbeardX combines the two most powerful training platforms available - the MantisX and the Mantis Blackbeard. Additionally, it unleashes a completely new capability that the world has never seen before: in-depth dynamic shooting analysis. BlackbeardX goes far beyond a shot timer - it includes motion-based analysis of your efficiency in a high-speed, multi-target engagement. It analyzes your economy of motion across multiple dimensions, giving you real-time feedback on where and how you can improve your dynamic shooting.

Find out all the details on the Mantis BlackbeardX here.