The benefits of dry fire training are widely known, but it's equally as important to check your gains via live fire sessions. Some new Mantis X shooters find that though their marksmanship is improving, their live fire scores aren't matching their dry fire success. If you're finding yourself in this group, then let's explore some of the top culprits we've seen over the years causing this inconsistency. Read More

Since its introduction in 1902 the 9mm Luger round has proven popular worldwide for professionals and recreational shooters alike for being a well-rounded projectile, balancing reliability, stopping power, and shootability. With this massive popularity, we get quite a few questions specifically around all things 9mm, and today we’re looking at one of the largest volume questions about one of our smallest products: “What’s the best 9mm snap cap?” 

Snap caps come in a variety of materials and builds to serve the same function for the user: protecting your firing mechanism and allowing you a safe way to train with your weapon. Mantis Tech is all about providing products to help you train safer and smarter, and though snap caps seem about as simple a training tool you can get, our focus is still on making sure you’re getting quality equipment. Let’s take a look at our Pink Rhino 9mm Luger snap caps and explore why we think they’re your best choice.

9mm Snap Caps Ready for Dry Fire Practice

Build Material & Quality

  • Pink Rhino snap caps are made with aluminum, which is even softer than brass, meaning no need for concern regarding wear and tear in your chamber. Each snap cap is CNC machined, ensuring an exacting fit for both the barrel as well as the extractor and ejector components of your weapon. 

  • Equally, if not more importantly, we have the “cap” itself. In place of the primer, Pink Rhino has a rubber cushion which provides a safe landing zone for your hammer or striker. Though soft, this material is also durable, yielding protection over thousands of rounds. 

  • As far as finish, Pink Rhino rounds come in your choice of either orange or red anodization, helping you avoid mixture with live ammunition. We highly recommend not storing your snap caps with your regular ammo regardless. 

Product Value

There are other brands using polymers, plastics and metals, sometimes in combination, that all get the job done, but have pros and cons of their own. Where some have great initial quality, they may give in longevity, with a higher price up front that obviously expands over the long term.

Package of 9mm Snap Caps Ready for Sale

Pink Rhino’s use of quality materials and simple design adds up to the best value on the market. With less machining and fitment of components manufacturing costs are kept lower, which means a lower price tag, and fewer parts means fewer potential problems, all adding up as great value for you. Sure, we’re partial, but we take pride in our entire product line, and with our discerning clientele we have to be. Check out the Pink Rhino snap caps for yourself, and get more from your training. We stand behind our products, and should you have issue, simply reach out to us and we’ll take care of you.