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MantisX Firearms Training System

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What is MANTISX?

MantisX is a revolutionary patent-pending handgun attachment that helps firearms enthusiasts and professionals train more efficiently. While attached to a handgun, it analyzes every shot and generates actionable data you can use to improve your shooting mechanics. 

How does MANTISX work?

94% of beta testers improved

after using MantisX for just 20 minutes

What exactly does MANTISX do?


U.S. and international patents pending

Bring your own gun

Attach MantisX to any Picatinny rail

Train the way you always do

Bring MantisX anywhere you go

What do professionals say about MANTISX?

Jeffrey Denning

Former SWAT team leader, Iraqi war vet, Diplomatic Security specialist in Israel/Palestine, Federal Air Marshal, and a winner of multiple Top Gun shooting awards

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"I would rank this device among the most promising in this new arena of shooting instruction [based on virtual feedback]. Not only does MantisX give instant feedback to coaches and RSOs who wouldn’t have to walk up to the target to see where the shooter hit, but it can analyze individual and agency scores over time to help structure training and dispense data driven, critical feedback." Read full article...



What do users say about MANTISX?

"MantisX immediately identified my most common shooting mistake."

-Kevin B.

"I don't have to have an instructor nearby at all times to improve my shooting skills!"

-Sandra P.

"I love the competition MantisX creates! I use it every time when I go to a range with my friends."

-Gregory S.

"Grouping of my shots improved dramatically! I am a better shooter because of MantisX."

-Josh B.

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